GLO*s Dance and Cheer Whitchurch Shropshire


The School of Smiles

In each of the classes below we strive towards performing at showcases, either at Whitchurch Civic Centre in our own shows or at local events throughout the year.

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Tiny Twinkle Toes: 2 - 5 years old

Saturday: 10.30-11.00

A Ballet class for little ones to build their confidence. During these classes we dress awareness of space, incorporating discipline and respect whilst developing their first steps into the ballet world. It is important for the young ones to develop co-ordination, balance, posture, musicality and rhythm in a fun, no pressure dance environment.

BodyTech Gym, £3.00 per class

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Disney Dance: 2 1/2 - 7 years old

Thursdays: 16:30-17:00

Disney Dance is a magical and playful class, with all dances to favourite disney film songs. While discovering new skills, new steps and new routines, laughter and fun is predominant.

Whitchurch Leisure Centre, £3.00 per class

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Musical Theatre: 6+ years old

Saturdays: 11.00-12.00

The Musical Theatre classes are for those who LOVE to sing and dance. They have been developed to strengthen the children confidence through song and dance. It teaches the children to work a a team, expanding their learning skills whilst being able to sing dance and perform. The music for this class is from popular West end and Broadway Musicals.

BodyTech Gym, £5.00 per class

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Just Dance: 6 - 16 years old

Thursdays: 17:00-18.00

In Just Dance we learn a routine using a variety of dance styles from Hip Hop, Street, Modern, Jazz to Commercial and more to popular chart music.

Whitchurch Leisure Centre, £5.00 per class

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Pure Dance: 16+ years old

Thursday: 20.15-21.00

The clue is in the title. Here we offer routines, which includes styles from Hip Hop, Street, Modern to Jazz and more. It is all about having FUN FUN FUN, where we all work together choosing the music and sometimes the choreography - it is a creative process we all enjoy together.

BodyTech Gym, £5.00 per class